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Frequently asked questions

Which reseller channels can I expect?

You can expect both comparison websites and travel agencies/tour operators. Additionally, Mobian collaborates extensively with mobile parking providers and other parking platforms.

What is the commission?

The commission you contribute per reservation heavily depends on the terms you agree upon with Mobian. We inquire about this in the "get listed" flow. There, you can specify the options you prefer for collaborating with Mobian.

How does the commission payment work?

You can request this according to your preference. There are options for monthly payouts, but you also have the choice to have the outstanding amount (sales amount minus commission) paid by the customer directly to you.

How long does it take before I am live on the platform?

The normal onboarding process takes approximately 5 working days. After filling out the form, our team will contact you within 1 working day. Subsequently, it takes 5 days to become available for sale on the platforms.

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By listing your available capacity, you'll gain access to various sales channels, leading to a direct increase in your revenue. Mobian will assist in positioning and, if necessary, pricing your parking space so that you can expect traction from various channel 

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We help you make the most out of your open parking capacity as possible with resources to support your content development and assist on incoming revenue. 

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